API Employee Spotlight: Fawnna

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Fawnna has been a dedicated team member here at API for over eight years. She loves the people she works with, the judgement-free environment, and the rewards she sees from each day’s hard work.

We sat down with a few of our outstanding employees at American Phoenix, Inc. to talk to them about their experiences here. In this edition, we hear from Fawnna, a Control Room Operator whose love for the people on her team at API has kept her going for over eight years.

Love the People

If there’s one thing that tops Fawnna’s list of why she keeps coming back to work at API each day, it’s the people. She cannot sing enough praises about the meaningful connections employees build with each other to provide support. “I love the people I work with. The management [is] easy to communicate with, and the people are just great.” Fawnna even inspired her brother, Josh, and nephew, Alex, to join the team and now gets to work alongside some of her family.

No Judgement Zone

Because the people she works with are so wonderful, Fawnna feels very comfortable coming to work each day and being able to be herself. From management down, she knows that she can talk about anything without judgement. She credits her position at API with helping her to continue growing in both her personal and professional life. “This place helped me build up from the bottom… I could come [in] without having any judgement or [being] looked down upon.”

Making it Right

Fawnna believes strongly in the value of hard work and is committed to putting her best foot forward in what she does each day. “I like competition and I want it to be right. So I work at making it that way.” She is a big proponent of following paths that will lead you towards your goals and is confident that API has helped her with that along the way. These ideas are often shared with her brother and nephew, who she encourages to constantly continue learning and growing.

Fawnna’s final piece of advice to someone who wants to be successful at API: “It’s easy. Show up, work hard, and just be yourself.”

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