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Working in a rubber manufacturing plant is not for the light-hearted. 

It is hot and dirty. We don’t complain. We embrace our hardworking environment, and we work together to get great products out of our doors. It is hard work that provides a sense of pride at the end of the day of a job well done and getting to see what was produced. 

American Phoenix is powered by some of the most hard-working, dedicated men and women around. They are dedicated to producing American-Made materials that continuously keep our country moving. Every employee at American Phoenix, Inc. plays an important role in our mixing and packaging processes, whether on the line, in an office, or somewhere in between. We are nothing without the heartbeat of our plants – our people.

As a proud Second Chance employer, API welcomes individuals of all experience levels and fosters an environment of skill-building and appreciation of each day’s work. If you are willing to put your best foot forward to join our team and gain valuable industry knowledge, please reach out to the contact listed for your region.

Before the rubber meets the road…

It goes through these hands.

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Why you should apply?

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you require background checks?

As a second chance employer, we do not require background checks on any potential candidates, with the exception of roles within HQ related departments.

What benefits do you offer?

We offer affordable health and dental insurance, 401(k) Savings Plan with a company match, paid life insurance, additional life insurance, Short and Long Term Disability, Employee Assistance Program, Overtime opportunities, and more!

How much time off do I get a year?

New employees start accruing PTO immediately upon hire. This immediate accrual equates to minimum of two weeks off per year, with the opportunity to earn more PTO off of OT. API also offers 2 unpaid personal days each calendar year. Finally, we also offer 9 paid holidays annually.

Is this a safe place to work?

Safety is our #1 priority when dealing with our teams. Each employee gets initial safety training, annual trainings, and free PPE equipment. Leadership continuously monitors and corrects unsafe behaviors, to ensure the safety of everyone. 

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