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Our Story

Founded in 1992 by 2 incredibly ambitious men, American Phoenix Inc. (API) has been dedicated to producing high-quality rubber from day one. Started in Eau Claire, WI the company began its journey in the former Uniroyal Tire plant following a purchase of mixing equipment from Michelin. In an industry with high barriers to entry and a team that had minimal experience, getting API up and running was no easy task.

Early years involved long hours, lots of trial-and-error, and sometimes even sacrificing pay to keep the project going. However, the team continued to persevere, fueled by camaraderie and the overwhelming desire to succeed. Over time, the company grew and eventually earned the first major contract that propelled it to new and exciting levels.

American Phoenix Inc. now serves several Fortune 500 companies with the strength of over 500 employees across six plants. In fact, the original plant located in Eau Claire is one of the largest single-location custom rubber mixing facilities in America.

At American Phoenix, we know that our industry is not “glamorous.” But, we take great pride in the fact that we use materials and good ol’ fashioned hard work to create essential products each and every day. Our rubber is the foundation of the tires for your vehicles, belts for agricultural machines, and other products that serve critical needs in society.

Today, we are proud to operate as an experienced custom rubber mixer and a major supplier of rubber compounds. We are committed to reliably producing high-quality rubber and precisely weighing chemicals that consistently deliver true economic value to our customers.

Our strength is in our longevity as a company that was built on grit and dedication – values that will continue to persevere for years to come.

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