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American Phoenix, Inc. (API) is committed to being a responsible and supportive partner to the Eau Claire community. We prioritize open communication, safe operating practices, and supporting the local economy. In an effort to be a good neighbor, we are actively taking steps to prevent or minimize odors and noise, fully comply with regulations, and be responsive to the needs and concerns of our community.

API seeks input from the community related to odors and noise from the plant. API has developed an Odor Information Form and Noise Information Form that the community can utilize to report objectionable odors or noise. It is very important that API receives timely input from the community. API is committed to improving its operations based on the feedback it receives.

API takes pride in the measures we have implemented to minimize unpleasant odors and noise from our facility and is committed to continuously improving our operations as we work in partnership with the Eau Claire community.

Noise Information Form

Odor Information Form