API Employee Spotlight: Josh J.

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Josh has been on the team here at API for over five years so far. He credits this to a variety of factors, including a fascination with the rubber-making process, a variety of coworker personalities, and the pride that comes with taking on the challenge of working in the industry.

We sat down with a few of our outstanding employees at American Phoenix, Inc. to talk to them about their experiences here. In this edition we hear from Josh, an Inventory Control Specialist whose fascination with the rubber-making process has encouraged him to stay on our team for over five years so far.

New Challenges Everyday

Josh knows that working in the rubber industry is a unique job, and that’s what he likes about it. “I learn something new everyday. I like the challenges… It takes a certain person to be able to do [the work that we do].” The equipment utilized in the plant is not something most people have exposure to, and it takes a motivated individual to be able to take on the task. If you’re willing to keep learning about the rubber-making process, you’ll be able to get an in-depth knowledge about where the product comes from and where it goes.

A Job for Everybody

One of Josh’s favorite parts about working at API is the variety of personalities of all the individuals within the company. He says that you often get to know people who are different from those you might usually interact with. And, “what’s great about this place [is that] there’s a job for every type of personality here.” Whether you pride yourself on your strength, technical knowledge, or independence, you’re likely to find a position that caters to your individual skills.

Rubber-Maker Pride

When it comes to the type of work that is performed at API, Josh believes that they can feel good about it. Sometimes the work can be hard, the machines intimidating, the environment less-than-sparkling-clean, and the industry and processes a challenge to learn, but you get out what you put into it. When a great-quality product is sent through the door it is considered a job-well-done. He says that “there’s a pride here at American Phoenix… I think all the workers here feel that pride.”

Josh’s final piece of advice to someone who wants to be successful at API: “Ask a lot of questions and really pay attention to your surroundings… If you work really hard you’re gonna get rewarded.”

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